Welcome to my new site!

Six years ago, I purchased the domain name DVORAMEYERS.com, snapping it up before all of the other Dvora Meyerses of the world (because there are so many of us) got to it. I always meant to build something here but I’ve been pretty busy. I don’t know if you heard but we are currently living in the Golden Age of Television, and Netflix and Amazon started producing original content so I’ve had a lot of stuff to watch. It’s been both a blessing and a burden.

But now that the publication of my book, The End of the Perfect 10, is nearly upon us, I finally got my act together—or, more accurately, my friends helped me get my act together—and built this site. I’ll be posting links to published articles, coverage of the book, and my thoughts about gymnastics, or anything else that strikes my fancy.

I’m retaining the title of my old blog, Unorthodox Gymnastics but most likely won’t be importing any of the content to this venue because that is way above my pay grade, technologically speaking.

Thanks for visiting! More to come soon.